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There is no single definition for spirituality, nor is there a single way to practice it—spirituality means different things to different people and even those meanings can change over time.

We want to provide you with accessories to help you on your journey to be cultivate more mindfulness, be more present in the moment, have more clarity in your mind, connect you with your true spirit by creating a higher sense of awareness and promote healthy lifestyle.

While there’s been an increase in data and research on the subject, what complicates matters a bit from a scientific perspective is the difficulty in defining spirituality in a concrete, measurable way. 

An analysis published in the online journal, CANCER, which reviewed all published studies connecting cancer and spirituality, suggests those with stronger religious and spiritual connections were more likely to maintain relationships during their illness.

Not sure where to begin? Finding your spiritual center can be easy.

Projects we support

The Fresh Air Fund, a non-profit agency that provides free summer vacations in the county of New York City children from low-income communities and provide extra after school tutoring with kids from 7th to 12th grade. Wikipedia

How we select what we sell

cool vibes. good feels. but more importantly with integrity and heart.  We sell cool and hip products that aligns with our sense of love, togetherness while maintaining your own unique identity. We strive to deliver products that you do not just buy but strongly feel a resonance with.

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